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7 Winter Paddle Destinations You Can Escape To Without A Passport

Why limit your kayaking, paddle boarding and canoeing to the short summer months when you could get out on the water all year long?

There’s no need to gear up to be better prepared for colder weather in order to stretch out your summer season by a couple of months.

Instead, you can follow the sun and take your passion for paddling with you. The best part is this: there’s no passport required.

That’s right. Right here in the United States and its territories, you can find some of the best paddling opportunities anywhere. Whatever you want — from calm peaceful waters and beautiful landscapes to wild rivers and rapids that give you a rush of adrenaline — is all readily available to you. Oh yes, there is some traveling involved. But what better way is there to spend our time on Earth than to sample and savor the wondrous gifts of nature, doing what we love?

Following are our picks for seven of the most wicked and wonderful paddle destinations you can escape to, no passport required.
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River and Soul Adventures

Find Nepal’s Culture On Its Rivers

I’m pleased to announce a first for my Board and Kayak Life readers: I have accepted my first Guest Post to my blog!

Janey contacted me not too long ago about the possibility of contributing a Guest Post on my site.

She and her partner, Callum, run River and Soul Adventures in Nepal. They have a deep love of the country, which I think will be quite apparent as you read through this inspiring piece.

After looking into what they do, I realized there was no way I couldn’t run a Guest Post by them! Their company looks amazing and they offer what would truly be a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list type of trip in the Himalayan wonderland and culturally rich country of Nepal.

Callum and Janey first visited Nepal at a young age and since then have been back numerous times. Working in the outdoor industry around the world, they combined their love of paddlesports, adventure, comfort, and real experiences into their company. They specialize in comfort whitewater expeditions in Nepal. There are no better people to travel to Nepal with!

I think you all will really enjoy this piece. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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4 Pro Travel Tips for a Killer Hood River, Oregon Adventure

Despite having lived in Montana part-time for 3 years now and traveled to almost all 50 states, surprisingly Oregon was one of the last few states I hadn’t yet been to. (If inquiring minds want to know, the other untraveled-to states are Vermont, North Dakota, Hawaii, Delaware, and Nevada).

I made it a goal at the start of the summer that I would finally make a trek over there. I wasn’t sure yet where I would be going or what exactly I’d be doing, but I knew I was going to cross Oregon off the bucket list once and for all this summer.

Finally, towards the end of the summer, the opportunity presented itself: a birthday trip for my husband. And what better way to celebrate than to take my husband, a former professional windsurfer, on a trip to the windsurfing Mecca of the United States: Hood River, Oregon.

Here are 4 travel tips I learned from our short visit to the Hood.

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Fun in Florida! 6 Paddling and Outdoor Adventures for Nature Lovers

It’s that time of year where the winter weather is wearing thin and people are daydreaming of warmer climates. Spring break is right around the corner and Florida is one of the nation’s top spring break destinations.

While you’re planning your sunny getaway, be sure to allot a few days for thrill-seeking in some of Florida’s paddling hotspots. Read on to discover some of Florida’s best paddle trails and other adventures you can enjoy in the great Florida outdoors (don’t forget the fishing rod for one excursion!).

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The 5 Most Ultimate Paddling Vacations Worldwide

If you’re like me, then the thought of your typical beach vacation sounds a little…humdrum. Laying on a sandy beach, dripping sweat, binge eating and sipping cocktails is nice for a day. But what about the other 6 days? Call me crazy, but all that beach bumming gets boring. Give me some adventure! Challenge me! Show me the great outdoors!

For active people like me, I’ve compiled a handy guide of some of the best vacations geared toward paddlers throughout the world. Some of these trips include multiple sports like rafting or hiking, others are in remote destinations, and there are even some that combine the rustic outdoors with 5-star hospitality. Read on for the 5 best paddling vacations worldwide and start planning!

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Destination Bahamas: 5 Best Paddle Places in the Bahamas

You’ve got a serious case of itchy feet and are ready to splash some new water with your SUP or kayak. In my 9 years working on luxury yachts, I still consider the Bahamas one of my favorite destinations. Turquoise blue waters, soft white sand, and far fewer boats and traffic than what you find in many other places in the Caribbean make this a perfect escape if you want to become one with your kayak.

You don’t need to be on a yacht to access all of these places, but you will need a boat to get to most of them, whether that be a sailboat, a power boat, or a catamaran. Load up your board or yak, hop on a friend’s boat or rent your own, and cruise to these fabulous destinations.

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