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Are you a water baby? An outdoor adventurer? Looking for a new sport to take up with low barriers to entry and suitable for all ages and abilities? You’ve come to the right place!

You’ll find all the best information on the latest kayak and stand up paddle board gear and accessories.

Want to know the best kayak for kids? Looking for a beginner SUP? Want to know the best way to transport your kayak or paddle board to and fro? We’ve got all the information for you here.

Not only that, you’ll find great suggestions and destinations guides for where to use your new toys once you’ve got them!

My name is Petey and I’ve been doing all kinds of paddling for the most of my life. I started out with hanging out with my parents in our canoe and moved on to kayaking at an early age. I like longer adventures, travelling on a kayak or shooting down some rapids, as much as I like a casual SUP during my lunch break.

During all these years I have learned a thing or two about boards, kayaks, canoes, boats and all the accessories that are needed as well. A lot of my friends have and family have gotten into paddling and have asked for tips on what equipment to get and what skills should be learned first. Extensive research is often required to figure out exactly which product is going to be the right fit for the activity and the user.

This includes product research before we buy but also quality control after the fact to make sure we chose the right one (read: time to play!). The board and kayak (BAK) life is rough sometimes 🙂

This is all to say that I’m no stranger to some of the various SUP and kayak brands and manufacturers. Not to mention I’ve been up close and personal with literally hundreds of destinations across the world throughout my travels (and always looking to check more off the bucket list!).

I hope you find what you’re looking for here. I invite you to leave a comment and tell us what aspect of the BAK life interests you the most. I want to be sure I’m providing the content you’re looking for. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Haley,

    First of all I wanted to say that I love your website and blog. Your passion for the sport really shines through.

    My name is Mark and I am one of the new owners of Honu. We are a Sydney based SUP brand that has gone through a top to bottom re-build, including a new range of premium quality iSUPs. We will also be launching into North America in just a few months.

    We have partnered with Avant-link to build our affiliate program as they are trusted by brands such as Patagonia, REI and Macpac. This is the reason for my message. I am interested to discuss the possibility of working with you as an affiliate partner of Honu Paddle Boards.

    I have included some of the info that relates to the brand and our program, but would be happy to discuss the details with you over the phone or Zoom call if that is preferable.

    Kind Regards and congratulations on a great site.

    Mark Travers

    Honu was born in 2001 among the curling waves of Bondi Beach. As the brand has evolved, we continue to embrace Bondi’s bohemian roots which guide our choice of products, design and lifestyle imagery.

    The spirit of Honu lies in our connection to the beach and ocean environment. We want our products to make everyone fall in love with the ocean and the outdoors because we believe there is nothing quite like the ocean for helping to connect us to ourselves and our place in the world.

    With this spirit in mind, we took over Honu in 2019. Relying on the skills of an industrial and design engineer, we wanted to create Honu products for the future. This is when we developed the Evolution Series of boards and paddles that represent the absolute highest possible standard of materials and construction.

    This new range is already causing quite a stir. Premium materials & construction at mid-tier pricing that is backed by an industry leading 2+2 Year warranty that includes Free repair for the duration. This is an industry first!

    We have also partnership with one of Australia’s most successful marketing agencies with offices in three counties. Honu Paddle Boards is all set to make a splash in 2020.


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