Help! I’m A Beginner, What Size Paddleboard Do I Need?

Paddleboarding is famous for being blissful, but it can be easy to stress about paddleboard sizing. First-time paddleboard buyers frequently ask about SUP sizes and overall paddleboard length.  The size of paddleboard you need depends on what you want to do — yoga, race, or paddle around the lake — as well as your height, … Read more

The Hobie Pedal Paddle Board: Is it worth the money?

Revolutionary.  That’s the best word we have to describe the Hobie Mirage Eclipse pedal paddle board.  This stand up elliptical paddle board takes the world of SUPing to a whole new level with its game-changing integrated pedals. But, revolutionary or not, the Mirage Eclipse comes with a pretty hefty price tag, so it’s understandable if … Read more

New ISUP Kits on the Block: Ranking 6 of the Newest ISUP Bundles of the Year

Inflatable paddle boards have soared in popularity over the past couple of years. They are quickly surpassing their traditional hard board counterparts due to a combination of favorable qualifications: portability, durability, and affordability. For that reason, it’s become difficult to keep up with all the new boards that have been flooding the market recently. When … Read more

A Quick and Dirty Infographic of the Top 6 Inflatable SUPs

As inflatable paddle boards soar in popularity, more and more manufacturers are getting in on the action with ever more choices. Having lots of options is good, but sometimes they can leave you a bit overwhelmed, especially on a high dollar item like a paddle board. Why are ISUPs quickly becoming a go-to choice in … Read more