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4 Killer Kayak Paddles You’ll Wish You Invested In Sooner

Nothing beats getting out on the water on a beautiful day for a little kayaking. Fresh air, exercise, and the opportunity to experience the beauty and challenges of nature up close is what it’s all about.

Owning the right kayak – one that meets your specific needs – is obviously crucial to getting the most out of your experience. But what is of at least equal importance is the paddle you choose for your kayaking purposes.

To get the most paddle for your money, you want one that’s relatively lightweight and easy to use so you don’t fatigue too quickly and have to end your outing earlier than expected.

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Award-Winning (Seriously!) Holiday Gift Ideas for Fishing and Paddle Sports Enthusiasts

Where has this year gone? Is it possible that it’s time to break out the holiday gift guides again already? Why, yes, yes it is.

If you have a fisherman or water sports enthusiast in your life and you’re unsure of what to get them this holiday season, look no further!

Not only are all of these great gifts, they’ve been tested and approved by experts in the industry. All of the following items have received awards in recent trade shows, judged by leading figures in each field.

So you can buy and give these gifts with confidence that your friend or loved one will love it!

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9 Essential Pieces of SUP Gear Every Paddleboarder Needs

Summer is upon us and you’re super stoked to break out your paddle board and hit the water!

Paddle board: Check  
Paddle: Check 
Body of water: Check  

You’re all good to go then, right? Well, technically, yes, but not exactly.

There are certain other pieces of paddle boarding gear you will need to maximize the enjoyment level of your chosen sport. You’ll need a way to transport your SUP, storage on your board is always a must, and you’ll need to protect yourself as well while you’re paddling.

Keep reading to find out 9 of the most essential pieces of gear every paddler needs before hitting the water.

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6 Kayak Seats That Will Make Your Back (and Booty) Say Ahh!

You scoured the internet, read tons of reviews, and really did your homework looking for the perfect kayak to suit your lifestyle.

You take it out for its inaugural paddle and are having a blast, patting yourself on the back for having chosen so wisely but then…agh! Upon patting yourself on the back you notice a pain shooting down your neck and spine.

It’s only been 45 minutes and your back and shoulders are killing you, not to mention you’ve lost feeling in your bum. Disheartened, you turn the kayak around and paddle back to shore, struggling more with each stroke.

Time to get back online and start researching a new kayak seat to complement the new kayak you just bought!

Good news: You needn’t look any further because I have compiled a list of the best kayak seats that will have you back on the water and paddling pain-free in no time!

Fancy Kayak

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10 Must-Have Gifts for the Die Hard Paddler in Your Life

It’s that time of year again! Time to make your list and check it twice and figure out who was nice enough to receive a gift from you this holiday season.

Gift-giving is hard but we’re here to make it easy on you this year. If you have a friend or family member who’s a die hard paddleboarder or kayaker, or someone who just loves the great outdoors, we’ve compiled an essential list for some of the most wished-for paddling gear and accessories.

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