Kayak storage -The best ways to store your kayak 

Kayaks are a big investment for many of us and we want to take care of our kayaks. Kayaking is a relaxing activity, but it can be really stressful if your kayak is always on the way. You should also be worried if your kids are in danger of being hit by a kayak falling from its storage. Therefore its important to store a kayak so that its safe for both the kayak and your other property as well as for your family.

Kayaks are quite graceful when sliding along a lake surface or when surfing on a wave, but when you need to move them inside your house, shed or garage for the winter or even for a few days it can be quite a hassle. Depending on your garage or storage size the best way to store your yak can really depend on a lot of things.  We are going to look at the best options to buy for kayak storage and how to DIY some handy kayak storage.  

The best storage options for your kayaks depends on a couple of things. How much money or time you want to spend on storage? How much space do you have? Is it daily storage or winter storage that you need? what kind of kayaks do you have? With these questions and a whole bunch of other issues that we are going to look at we are going to figure the bes kayak storage option for you! We also have a bonus option at the end for those that read all the way through.

Lets look at the best, safest, most affordable and space saving kayak storage tips and options!

Ceiling racks for kayaks

Ceiling racks are a great way to free up some floor space in your shed or garage. Many kayak owners are also car owners and you can even have your car in the garage when the kayaks are stored above it. Ceiling racks are a great storage solution whether its with a kayak hoist/pulley system or with a kayak hanger or kayak storage hooks attached to the ceiling.

We recommend buying a hoist or pulley system as they often have safe anti-drop systems to avoid injury or damage to your vehicle. If you are handy and confident with your skills you can also think of a DIY garage storage solution with a couple of straps that you can use to hoist up your kayak. 

The Tie Boss Kayak Hanger is an affordable solution with great space saving

Kayak storage ceiling hoist system from tie boss. kayaks stored over a pick-up.

This ceiling storage offers great space saving options for an affordable price. You can use pulley system to hoist up your kayak, bike, ladder or whatever is taking up your floor space. We recommend having the kayak hanger system above your car so that you can get the kayak directly from the roof racks. When you want to use the kayak again just lower it back to the roof racks.

One thing to consider is the height of your garage or shed and how much space you need underneath the kayaks as the Tie Boss hanger will have the kayaks approximately 6″ to 8″ from the ceiling. The ropes are both rated for 150 lbs, but also make sure that the ceiling joist anchor you choose can take the load.

[amazon box=”B09KNM2929″ description=” A great hanger system with reliable straps and its also very easy to use!” tracking_id=”baklife02-20″]

StoreYourBoard 2 Kayak Ceiling Storage Rack is a great non-pulley type ceiling rack

Kayak storage for two kayaks on a ceiling rack

StoreYourBoard has made a great ceiling rack for kayaks and boards. This is a sturdy and easy to use option if you don’t want to use a pulley system.

[amazon box=”B07F2J4249″ description=” An easy to install kayak ceiling rack for all kinds of kayaks.” tracking_id=”baklife02-20″]

Wall mounted kayak racks

A wall mounted rack is a great option if you don’t want to drill or attach anything to your ceiling or don’t know how to find the ceiling studs. Wall racks also keep the kayak more accessible if its in daily use or if you have enough space for it. Wall storage racks vary from kayak storage hooks to some DIY options. If you want to go for the DIY option then consider using some wood to build a rack or just taking a couple of ratchet straps to hoist your kayak to the wall.  

Best Marine Kayak Storage Wall Rack – the best solution for kayakers who use their kayak often

The best marine wall racks are great and reliable kayak storage options. They have a 4.8/5 stars rating with over a thousand reviews and its easy to see why. They are affordable, yet very usable and reliable at the same time. Your kayak is kept safe with the padding and there are straps to ensure they don’ fall off. Highly recommended!

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Free standing kayak racks

If you live in a rental or have some reason why you don’t want to drill anything to your walls or ceiling then a free standing kayak rack is a great option. Also if you want to move the racks from one spot to another in the shed or garage it is a lot easier with a free standing rack.

Malone Free Standing Rack System for Kayaks and SUP’s

Kayak storage for multiple kayaks with a free standing kayak rack. No drilling needed

The Malone Free Standing rack system is a great way to organize and store your boards and kayaks without having to drill any holes. This rack also gives easy access to the boats as they are not hoisted faraway to the ceiling.

[amazon box=”B00RG4IC76″ description=” Choose the Malone free standing kayak rack if you don’t want to drill any holes to your floor or ceiling, but have several kayaks and boards to store” tracking_id=”baklife02-20″]

Kayak covers

If you live in a cold climate or even a very sunny place and you plan to leave your kayak outside during the winter months then you will need to cover your kayak. A good quality cover will protect your kayak from rain, snow, wind and UV rays. The best covers are made out of waterproof material and come with a zipper which makes it easy to get into and out of your kayak. Some covers are designed to fit over the cockpit only while others are designed to go over the entire kayak. You should always check the instructions before putting your kayak under a cover. There are many different types of covers available so make sure you choose one that fits your kayaks needs.

VINPATIO 600D Kayak Cover for storage and for protection while in transportation

You can use this kayak cover to protect your kayak, SUP board or even your canoe from the elements. Just make sure to have the zipper at the bottom to maximize protection from water.

[amazon box=”B092J43RL5″ description=” A durable and reliable kayak cover for up to 18 feet kayaks and canoes” tracking_id=”baklife02-20″]

Folding racks and saw horse kayak racks 

These are great solutions for storing your kayak when not in use. They fold down flat when not in use and take up less room than a full sized kayak. Folding racks are usually cheaper than full sized kayak racks and are easier to transport around. Sawhorse kayak racks are great because they are portable and can be used indoors or outdoors. You can also take your folding kayak racks along for easy access to the kayak when preparing it for the water. These racks are best for larger storage spaces as they do take up some floor space. 

[amazon box=”B07M6RD8V8″ description=”Easy to use folding kayak stands for storing your kayak, for maintenance or for packing and getting the kayak ready for your next adventure.” tracking_id=”baklife02-20″]

Kayak carts for storage and for ease of use

 You can use a kayak cart for transporting it to the car or directly to the water if you are lucky enough to live so close to it. You can also use the cart for storage as well, this way its ready for the next trip and kept of the ground as well. 

[amazon box=”B09KYFV958″ description=”This handy kayak dolly can be used to transport your kayak to the water and for keeping it nicely stored in your shed or garage.” tracking_id=”baklife02-20″]

The basics of kayak storage

First we need to look at what are the most important things to consider when choosing how to store your kayak. These include:

1. Indoor or outdoor storage? How much space do you have? 

Indoors is almost always a better option for storing your kayak. It’s easier to clean and maintain and there is no risk of damaging your kayak by leaving it exposed to the elements. Indoor storage is ideal if you have plenty of space but this is not always possible. If you’re looking for a cheap solution then you may be able to try keeping it on top of your car or in a garage. This is not recommended though as these places are usually hot and humid and could damage your kayak. Outdoor storage is an option if you can protect it from the elements with a kayak cover. 

2. What type of kayak do you have? What materials your kayaks are made of?

Depending on the materials and type of the kayak it will vary how much support they need and what is the ideal way to store it. Some materials are more easily damaged by cold, moisture or by the UV-rays. Also keep in mind that heat can easily warp or misshape some kayak surfaces. 

3. Is it daily storage or winter kayak storage? Will you need to access these kayaks often?

Daily storage means that you’ll be accessing your kayaks regularly and therefore you’ll need to ensure that they are easily accessible. Winter kayak storage is needed if you plan to leave your kayak unused for the entire season. 

A good approach to kayak storage for the winter is to make sure that the kayaks are protected from the elements. There is a possibility of water or cold-related damage to your boat so make sure the kayak is safe and that you have opened all the drain plugs and dried it up before storing it. A kayak should be kept dry and also protected from the suns UV rays when stored. 

DIY options for kayak storage

 There is a large collection of kayak storage options available for the DIY guys and gals. You can make DIY kayak storage racks, build your own anchor to ceiling joist and you can hoist your kayak with some adjustable straps, or simply just nailing together some sawhorses from wood. 

Kayak storage DIY sawhorse kayak stand

Its always good to compare the actual costs of all the hardware and time needed for the DIY job and compare with the ready made options. Especially with the ceiling storage, the sturdiness and securite of the ceiling hoist should be carefully considered before making the decision. Bought ceiling options usually have been well tested before sales to make sure they are safe for both your kayak and for your family and car.   

Kayak storage DIY kayak rack on the beach

The bonus option for kayak storage – Renting a kayak storage from a local club

 A lot of cities have boat storage programs that allow you to affordably rent a boat rack for your kayak. Also many kayaking clubs and marinas offer boat storage racks for all kinds of boat designs. The sheds are usually designed for either winter storage or for daily use with easy access to the water with a beach or a boat ramp to launch from.  The easy access to the water will also make sure that you don’t miss on the best opportunities of the exciting kayak fishing season.

You can mostly be secure that your beloved kayak is stored safely in one of these kayak spaces, but its good to keep in mind that many others will have access to your personal property. Usually kayakers and other paddlers are reliable folks though. 

The downside for the boat owner often is that there is often a 1-2 year wait list for the spots. Some places can even have a 4-5 year wait list depending on the popularity of the place. Make sure the check the current wait list as there are also application fees and application forms that you need to fill out. If you need storage quickly or short term storage only you might not want to complete application processes just to move out of the city before you are rewarded with a spot. 

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