A Quick and Dirty Infographic of the Top 6 Inflatable SUPs

As inflatable paddle boards soar in popularity, more and more manufacturers are getting in on the action with ever more choices.

Having lots of options is good, but sometimes they can leave you a bit overwhelmed, especially on a high dollar item like a paddle board.

Why are ISUPs quickly becoming a go-to choice in paddle boards?

Well, I mentioned several reasons in an article I wrote about inflatable paddle boards nearly 2 years ago. The reasons mainly have to do with ease of transport, durability, and affordability.

Being inflatable, they can fit in your car with ease without the need for cumbersome roof racks. The materials and construction methods used actually make for a more durable board that can withstand scrapes and dings better than a lot of epoxy boards. And they come with the added bonus of being largely more affordable than their hard-bodied brothers.

As new inflatable paddle boards have entered the market, I thought it was time to revisit the topic and do a comparison of some of the hottest new boards to date.

To be sure, this is by no means an in depth review of these boards. For the in-depth reviews, click here and you can delve in a little deeper about what makes these boards unique from one another.

For now, this infographic I made will give you a quick and basic idea of the various pros and cons for each board.

One of the main things I discovered as I researched these articles is to pay close attention to the accessory packages offered. While pretty much all of them come with a pump, a carrying case, and (maybe) a paddle, the quality of these accessories can vary greatly.

If you hover over the product images, you’ll notice a little green button will appear with information. You can click on the green buttons to take you to a page where you can get more information on the products.