The Hobie Pedal Paddle Board: Is it worth the money?


That’s the best word we have to describe the Hobie Mirage Eclipse pedal paddle board. 

This stand up elliptical paddle board takes the world of SUPing to a whole new level with its game-changing integrated pedals. But, revolutionary or not, the Mirage Eclipse comes with a pretty hefty price tag, so it’s understandable if you’re not quite sure that it’s worth your hard-earned money.

To help you decide if the Hobie Eclipse is the right stand up pedal board for your needs, we’ve put together this ultimate review. Up next, we’ll walk you through the basics of this bicycle paddle board so you can spend less time researching your gear and more time out on the water.

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse: The Basics

Important Specs

  • Length: 12 feet (3.66m)
  • Weight: 58.9lbs (26.72kg)
  • Width: 35 inches (88.9cm)
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 275lbs (124.75kg)
  • Material: Advanced Composite Epoxy
  • Hull Type: Displacement
Hobie pedal board on the water

What We Like

  • Very stable on the water, thanks to its displacement hull and wide width
  • Easy to control using the handle system
  • Can be converted into a standard paddle board with a rudder
  • Adjustable-height handlebars for comfort
  • Non-slip deck with underfoot cushioning
  • Easy to transport and store just like a regular board

What We Don’t Like

  • Heavy for a paddle board
  • Fairly expensive
  • Not ideal for people with lower body mobility limitations

Even if you’ve been paddle boarding for a while, a “pedal paddle board” might not be part of your everyday vocab. That’s quite understandable, though, because the Mirage Eclipse is the world’s first watercraft that combines the joys of paddle boarding with the ease of use of a traditional pedal boat.

The Mirage Eclipse is designed to be used just like a paddle board, but instead of a paddle, you propel the board using its built-in elliptical-style pedals. This unique design makes it exceptionally stable and provides users with more power and control on the water.


The Hobie Eclipse is made from advanced composite epoxy which is a type of ultra-durable material similar to fiberglass. What makes this material unique is that it’s actually a laminate of thousands of tiny high-strength fibers. These fibers provide a great strength-to-weight ratio, which means that they are as durable as plastic alternatives at a fraction of the weight. 


One of the hallmarks of the Mirage Eclipse is its stability. While most stand up paddle boards will have a width between 32-34 inches (81.3-86.4cm), the Hobie Pedal Board has a 35 inch (89cm) width.

Thanks to this added width, the Mirage Eclipse is very stable in flat and slightly choppy conditions. This makes it an ideal board for newer paddlers or anyone that’s not too confident in their balancing capabilities. Additionally, the board’s integrated handlebars also provide paddlers with extra support and confidence on the water.

Ease Of Use

Since the Hobie Eclipse uses elliptical pedals for propulsion, it’s a good option for people that are new to watersports. The integrated pedals eliminate the need for perfect paddling technique, making it an easy-to-use option for people at all experience levels.

A mom and young daughter pedal side-by-side as they each try out the Hobie Mirage Eclipse.

Tracking Ability/Control On The Water

This pedal SUP features a displacement hull, which allows it to push through the water, rather than riding on top of it. Thanks to this design, the Mirage Eclipse travels well through the water at all speeds, unlike a planing watercraft, which is most efficient when traveling at a high velocity. 

Additionally, the board’s pointy bow allows it to slice better through the water when you’re cruising at a fast clip. The Mirage Eclipse’s handlebar also provides users with an intuitive and easy to use steering system with integrated breaks for improved speed control on the water.


As we’ve mentioned, the Hobie Pedal Board is wide and stable, which makes it more comfortable to use, particularly if you’re new to stand up paddling. Plus, the board’s handlebars are fully adjustable, so you can set them to the right height for your needs.

For even more comfort, Hobie also built this board with high-grip EVA foam deck pads that provide great cushioning underfoot. These deck pads also help reduce the likelihood of slips, thanks to their grippy surface. 

Gear Storage

One of the major drawbacks of most paddle boards is the lack of built-in gear storage. Even if you’re just going out for a few hours, having somewhere to stow your water bottle and snacks is important.

While most paddle boards don’t offer a lot of gear storage, the Mirage Eclipse does have a small bungee-corded gear tie-down area for storing your most essential items on the water. 


For added versatility, the Mirage Eclipse can quickly be turned into a standard paddle board just by removing the handle bars and locking down the rudder. That way, you can customize the board to best meet your adventure needs.

Transport & Storage

The Hobie Eclipse tips the scales at 58.9lbs (26.72kg), making it one of the heavier paddle boards on the market today. All this added weight can be a bit concerning for people who aren’t quite sure that they can lift such a heavy board onto their car at the end of the day.

Thankfully, Hobie built this board with handles at the bow and the stern, which makes it easier to lift and transport between your vehicle and the water. The board can also be used with Hobie’s carts and dollies for easier transport to and from your car. 

Finally, since the handlebars and pedals are removable, the Mirage Eclipse can be transported on a car roof rack, just like any other paddle board.

Who Is The Hobie Mirage Eclipse For?

The Mirage Eclipse is an ideal board for new stand up paddlers that want to be able to paddle or pedal on the water. The unique design of the board makes it a solid choice for people that want a full-body workout on the water.

It’s also a good option for people with upper body injuries that prevent them from using a traditional paddle board. Additionally, newcomers to the sport who are nervous about balancing on a stand up board often find that the Mirage Eclipse provides the stability they need to find their own balance on the water.

Hobie Mirage Eclipse Pedal Paddle Board FAQs

Here are our answers to some of your most common questions about the Hobie Mirage:

How Fast Can The Hobie Mirage Eclipse Go?

Since the speed of your Mirage Eclipse depends on how fast you paddle it, it’s hard to tell you precisely how fast it can go. But, pedaling with your legs is almost always going to be faster than paddling with your upper body. 

So, you can expect to travel at least 5 knots (5.8mph) when moving at a comfortable pace on the Mirage Eclipse. If you want to move faster, you’ll just have to pedal harder!

Can The Hobie Mirage Eclipse Pedal Backwards?

Yep, it sure can! The Mirage Eclipse has elliptical-like pedals, so you can pedal the board backward just by moving your feet in the reverse direction.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a fun, easy way to get out on the water, the Hobie Mirage Eclipse is a solid choice. Plus, since the board can be paddled, or pedaled, it’s a good option for people that want a single board for all their water-based activities. 

Although it is a bit pricier and heavier than your standard, SUP, the versatility you get from a pedal paddle board is second to none. At the end of the day, the Mirage Eclipse is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors, whether you want to pedal, paddle, or both!

Paddle On!

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  1. Where can one get 1/2 Hobie Mirage Eclipse Paddle board Amazon doesn’t have them Who would be other distributors I’m highly interested in getting at least one probably two
    Thank you for any information you can pass onto me
    Littany Handchen

    • It looks like it’s Out of Stock at the moment, even on Hobie’s own website. Since the pandemic, there have been numerous supply chain issues for the sports and recreation industry. They had gotten better for awhile and now I think they’re popping up again. There might be small paddle shops that have some in stock locally but it appears that there are no major retailers that are selling it currently 🙁

  2. You can’t go backward. You need to bring a paddle to back up – the step-system does not have reverse. You won’t go 5.8mph at an easy pace. It’s fast for a stable hull – but 5.8mph is over the hull speed of a 12ft hull – and hull speed is not “easy pace”. 4 mph is not too bad – and that is pretty fast for “easy pace. A strong athletic person can zoom around and make it look like it has a motor but it will strain the peddle system – you can break a cable if you push hard enough.


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