6 Kayak Seats That Will Make Your Back (and Booty) Say Ahh!

You scoured the internet, read tons of reviews, and really did your homework looking for the perfect kayak to suit your lifestyle. Despite that, you forgot to research one crucial piece of equipment that is essential to the comfort and enjoyment of your kayak — the kayak seat.

Imagine you take your new kayak out for its inaugural paddle and are having a blast, patting yourself on the back for having chosen so wisely but then…agh! Upon patting yourself on the back you notice a pain shooting down your neck and spine.

It’s only been 45 minutes and your back and shoulders are killing you, not to mention you’ve lost feeling in your bum. Disheartened, you turn the kayak around and paddle back to shore, struggling more with each stroke.

Time to get back online and start researching a new kayak seat to complement the new kayak you just bought!

Good news: You needn’t look any further because I have compiled a list of the best kayak seats that will have you back on the water and paddling pain-free in no time!

Get an overview of my selections, check out the comparison table, or find out who benefits from which seat. Just click your preferred option in the Table of Contents below!

What Are the Best Kayak Seats?

I know most people are pressed for time so here is a brief summary of the most comfortable kayak seats on the market today. They are:

Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back

  • Extra foam padding provides “couch-like comfort on the water”. Most would agree although a few naysayers claim there’s not enough support and the padding is too thin.

YakPads High-Back Gel Paddle Seat

  • Great as an added layer to an existing kayak seat. The thin, gel-filled padding insulates paddlers from a cold seat and provides just enough padding to prevent spine rub and chafing.

GTS Expedition Molded Foam Kayak Seat

  • Thoughtfully engineered with a 6 point adjustment system vs the standard 4, comfort/drainage channels on the seat to keep you dry, and proprietary seat material to provide the perfect mix of support and comfort.

Skwoosh High Back Kayak Seat

  • Uses a Fluidized Gel instead of foam as well as breathable fabric to prevent a hot seat. Extra fiberglass batten in the back gives additional support for those who don’t like flimsy seat backs.

Pactrade Marine Adjustable Deluxe Kayak Seat

  • This one comes with a detachable backpack/bag where you can store small personal items like snacks, sunscreen, or wallet. High marks for comfort at an affordable price.

Skwoosh Angler Kayak Fishing Cushion Gel Seat Pad

  • Designed with the angler in mind, this seat pad uses gel technology to reduce pain and numbness. Bright colors for high visibility and also buoyant. Non-slip bottom guarantees no seat slippage so you can fish in comfort.

Kayak Seat Comparison Chart

Below you’ll find a handy chart that compares each of the 6 selected kayak seats for comparison.

At a glance, you’ll be able to see the differences between each brand when it comes to important factors like the materials used to make the seat, how it attaches to your kayak, any additional features that set the seat apart from the others, and the price range the seat falls within.

Kayak SeatsNameMaterialsStrapsFeaturesPrice
Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat BackUV Resistant Nylon;
Brass Swivel Buckles
4Reflective logos that illuminate in the dark;
Extra foam padding
Yak Pads Gel-Filled Paddle SaddleProprietary comfort gel padding0Dramatic comfort without raising your center of gravity$
GTS Expedition Molded Foam Kayak SeatThermoformed foam/plastic/fabric blend; soft for comfort but rigid for support6Comfort/drainage channels to funnel excess water;
Mesh bungee pouch for storage
Skwoosh High Back Kayak SeatTekPad Fluidized Gel;
AirFlo 3D Fabric
4Reinforced back with 2 fiberglass batten for additional strength$$
PacTrade Marine Adjustable Deluxe Padded Kayak SeatNeoprene + 600D polyester; EVA foam + PE plate4Detachable backpack for accessories and snacks; non-slip padded contoured slip surface$
Skwoosh Angler Fishing Cushion Gel Seat PadPatented lightweight pressure relieving fluidized gel; waterproof exterior1 + 3ft tetherNon-skid bottom; built in grommet for gear attachment; high visibility color; Floats$

Back-tastic and Bootylicious Kayak Seats For All

Every kayaker is different in terms of what they need to paddle in perfect comfort. Some just need a little more cushion for their booty while others need kayak seats that offer complete lumbar and spinal support.

The seats chosen above represent a wide range of options that will be suitable for an array of paddlers:

-The kayak angler fishing in windy or choppy conditions for which the Skwoosh Gel Seat Pad with its 3-foot tether and buoyant flotation will be perfect;

-The paddler with a bad back who needs the maximum in support without compromising on comfort for which nothing but the GTS Expedition will do;

-Or the paddler who needs something just a touch more comfortable than the baseline plastic molded seat that came standard in their sit-on-top kayak for which the YakPak Gel Seat will be perfect for.

It may seem like a little thing or you might not be keen on spending even more on your kayak than you already have, but providing the right kind of support and comfort for your body can make a world of difference. Enhance your paddling experience and get the full enjoyment out of your kayak with a seat that’s going to support you in all the right places.

Be kind to your behind! Find the perfect seat that will have you back on the water and paddling in pain-free pleasure in no time. That’s something to “Ahh!” about!

Paddle On!

6 Kayak Seats That Will Make Your Back (and Booty) Say Ahh!
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6 Kayak Seats That Will Make Your Back (and Booty) Say Ahh!
Be kind to your behind! Paddle pain-free and live the bootylicious life with one of these back-tastic kayak seats. Cuz good booty isn't just for pirates!
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13 thoughts on “6 Kayak Seats That Will Make Your Back (and Booty) Say Ahh!”

    • Yes, they do. Most of them have 4 attachment points. If you’re still uncertain about slippage, then you can always go with the GTS Expedition seat which has 6 attachment points that will virtually guarantee your seat won’t slip.

      As for the gel seats, they have non-slip bottoms so while they may look precarious, they are surprisingly stable and grip well even in wet conditions. The Skwoosh Angler cushion has a tether on it and floats as well in case the seat proves to be less grippy than advertised so it minimizes any chance that the cushion will get lost.

  1. Just bought a Skwoosh gel seat for my enclosed touring yak. For the first coastal trip of season it worked well preventing typical butt and leg pain during 6-7 miles. Capsized however and blew a role. Seat now riding the current to somewhere unknown. Needs a tether loop otherwise did what it is supposed to do.

  2. I’m looking for the best kayak seat that will raise me up a couple inches yet be waterproof. I have a sit in kayak. Also I’ve had back surgery 7 years ago.

  3. I have a Sevylor Big Basin inflatable with terrible seats. They attach via plastic buckles and not the metal ones you see on most after market seats. Has anyone rigged up these to work or know of any replacements that will work?

  4. I noticed that many discussed upper back comfort. What would you recommend if the problem is with you lower back – and you need more lumbar support?

  5. I am a woman who deals with a numb butt while paddling and needs maximum lumbar support for a sit -in kayak.
    Can you recommend a seat? I don’t need “bells and whistles”.
    Can you help?

  6. I am 6’1″ and 250 Lbs., The PacTrade Marine seat is well made and a real value. I loved it but it did not fit my molded sit in Future Beach 124. I am still in the hunt for back relief while yaking.

    • Hi Mark I have 2 Future Beach 120 kayaks and I’m also looking for seats – did you find any? My husband is same height and approx. same weight. I am finding this confusing as it originally came with only seat backs and we would now like full seats with back and bottom support. We also have to install hooks for straps now as the prior back support was just screwed into the kayak from the bottom.

  7. need a high back seat that will sit up by itself, (no loops no braces no hooks to hold it up}, less than 15 ” wide can not find amazon, academy sport,dicks, target or walleys world

    • Hi John,

      Yes, it appears the width is the biggest problem. The closest thing I could find was this Coleman seat that’s 15.74″ wide. Maybe it would *just* fit inside with some finagling?

      There’s also this one that I think is bang on 15″. There’s even a review that compares it to the Coleman one but rates the Coleman one slightly more favorably. Depends on what you’re looking for. But since both are cloth materials, it might provide just enough flexibility to fit into the space you need it to.

      If either of these ends up working for you, let me know! Good luck!


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