Help! I’m A Beginner, What Size Paddleboard Do I Need?

Paddleboarding is famous for being blissful, but it can be easy to stress about paddleboard sizing. First-time paddleboard buyers frequently ask about SUP sizes and overall paddleboard length.  The size of paddleboard you need depends on what you want to do — yoga, race, or paddle around the lake — as well as your height, … Read more

Canoe vs. Kayak: Is There Finally a Victor in This Age-Old Fight? Let’s See

Canoe or kayak which one is better

All across America, sports fans are fiercely protective of the sporting activities they love and follow, professing against all the odds that their team or favorite player is most definitely the best. But this type of rivalry goes way beyond the minutiae of title winners and sports personalities. Often these rifts run so deep that … Read more

The Hobie Pedal Paddle Board: Is it worth the money?

Revolutionary.  That’s the best word we have to describe the Hobie Mirage Eclipse pedal paddle board.  This stand up elliptical paddle board takes the world of SUPing to a whole new level with its game-changing integrated pedals. But, revolutionary or not, the Mirage Eclipse comes with a pretty hefty price tag, so it’s understandable if … Read more

Inflatable Kayaks: Solid Buy or Full of Hot Air? (Plus 5 of the best)

As many people are weighing their options for affordable, lightweight, and/or transportable kayaks, they have no doubt been confronted by an explosion in the popularity of inflatable kayaks. Thinking back on one’s childhood days of riding on the back of an inflatable “Shamu the Whale” pool toy probably doesn’t help when imagining whether inflatable kayaks … Read more

Confused by the different Ascend Kayak models? Get clarity here.

Two kayakers take their Ascend kayaks out for a paddle

Anyone who frequents Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops has probably seen their signature Ascend line of kayaks. Whether you were shopping in-store or online, after seeing all their kayaks with many similar looking letter-number combos, you might have come away more confused than when you started looking. Ascend produces some of the best kayaks, highly … Read more