Kayak Fishing for Crappie — an angler spills his secrets

Man pulls a crappie out of the water as he kayak fishes

Fisherman are an interesting group of people. For one thing we have a hard time agreeing upon what a fish should be called. Growing up, the term “Crappie” was the preferred nomenclature. However, after traveling around and talking to other fisherman I’ve heard them called croppie, papermouth, speckled perch, and — this one really stumps … Read more

Find Nepal’s Culture On Its Rivers

River and Soul Adventures logo

I’m pleased to announce a first for my Board and Kayak Life readers: I have accepted my first Guest Post to my blog! Janey contacted me not too long ago about the possibility of contributing a Guest Post on my site. She and her partner, Callum, run River and Soul Adventures in Nepal. They have … Read more