Kayaking 101: Answers to kayaking questions

Kayak 101 questions and answers about kayaking

Whether you are just thinking of giving kayaking a try or if you have been kayaking for years, there is a good chance that you have some lingering questions. In this article we have answered a whole bunch of kayaking related questions. Hope this helps you with your kayaking journey! Is kayaking difficult? Kayaking is … Read more

New in 2022: Best Water Shoes For Kayaking

Best Water Shoes For Kayaking.

A decent pair of kayaking shoes may make or break your paddling experience. The finest kayaking shoes can keep your feet safe and comfortable in any condition you may find yourself in. You’re more likely to remain dry inside a kayak or canoe. Nevertheless, we all realize that unforeseen portaging, wading, or legwork can occur … Read more

Paddling With Your Pet: Best Kayak For Dogs

Best Kayak For Dogs

Did you know that kayaking can be a wonderful pastime for you to experience with your four-legged friend? Bringing your furry friend with you on your aquatic adventures can make a fun hobby even more enjoyable. So long as your dog loves the water, is happy to sit for long periods of time, and doesn’t … Read more

What To Wear Kayaking: How To Keep Comfy No Matter The Season

What to Wear Kayaking

Kayaking is an incredibly fun sport and it’s surprisingly accessible too. However even casual or recreational kayakers need to know that what you wear while kayaking is very important to ensure your trip is not only comfortable and enjoyable but also safe. Kayaking is replete with hidden dangers. Everything from freezing temperatures, strong currents, rocks … Read more